Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Born Pics

Here are Tyler's new born pics. I love how they turned out. I'm so sad that Max isn't in any of them though. The poor guy got a fever, fell asleep, and was out cold while we were taking the pictures. So, the show went on with out him sadly!

Thanks Kenz!! Your amazing!!


What a fun Christmas this year was! We were surrounded by family and fun party's galore. Santa made a surprise visit to Grandma Lila's house on Christmas Eve! Oh, boy was Max "star struck". He kept staring at Santa with this big grin the entire time.

Ya, I know. Everyone said I spoiled Max. I always say that this is the last year I'm spoiling him. But then I do it all over again. Maybe now that I have two I won't be as crazy next year.
I surprised Adam with Jim Gaffigan tickets. And I made him a man now by buying him a cordless drill. He also got the usual, clothes, clothes, hats, shoes, and more clothes. Tyler didn't need much, just a stroller and a few toys.
This is Max's mother load.

Sweet Great Grandma Gale with Tyler!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweet Baby Tyler

HERE HE IS!! Tyler Adam Jensen. Born 11/21/11 at 11:24am. Weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and 19 and 1/2 inches long. Labor went great. I had him in just under 3 hours. So far, he's been such a good baby. He sleeps for at least 5 to 6 hours in the night, and usually only cries if he's hungry or tired. He's a very alert baby. He loves to just look at everything going on around him. Max just loves him. He's the best big brother Tyler could ask for. He is so gentle with him and just loves to give him kisses. Tyler will be 7 weeks tomorrow and he doing all the fun adorable things a 7 week old should be doing. Like "cooing", smiling, and making those adorable "O's". I love him so much and I'm so glad he is here and making my life even better!!

This is a sneak peek of his one week old pics!
Chillin with dad.
5 weeks
6 weeks!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dinosaur Museum/38 weeks!

I'm 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This pregnancy really has flown by. I'm very surprised it has. I think my life has just been so busy that it has helped it go by so fast. I'm being induced on Monday morning. YAY! And as of last Tuesday, my baby weighs approx. 7 pounds 12 ounces. So, I'm thinking I'm going to be having an over 8 pounder for sure. But as long as the baby comes out healthy with no issues I'll be very blessed!!
We finally went to the Dinosaur Museum a few days before Halloween while Daddy was out of town visiting his Sister. These pics in a way kind of make me feel bad. Looking back at them I can tell in his face that he just didn't feel good. But he was fighting it all the way. I remember getting so frustrated with him there because he kept saying he needed to go potty about every 20 min. And then finally two days later we realized that he had type 1 diabetes. He is such a resilient kid. I'm sure he would of just fought and fought it until his poor body crashed. He had so much fun at the Museum though!! We'll definitely will have to make another trip up again soon.

He LOVED having Grandma Lila tag a long with us too. Thanks grams!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life Changing! (again)

Man oh man, I can not wait until 2011 is over. From beginning to almost the end, this year has been very challenging for my family. My husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes back in Jan. It was quite a shock to handle at first. But, my husband has the best attitude about it and it just became the norm to our family about after two weeks of him being diagnosed. Then, this summer I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I tried to control it with diet and exercise, but my body just had too much insulin resistance so I was put on a 24 acting insulin injection called Lantus. (my husband takes it as well) My blood sugars were finally starting to get under control and I was feeling pretty good. Then.......on Halloween night my 3 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We noticed the weekend before that he was just drinking and peeing like crazy. I'm talking he would guzzle a half a water bottle in one gulp. And he would go to the bathroom about every 15-20 min. We know that those are big symptoms of type 1 diabetes, but we were just searching for other answers that it could be. Like maybe a growth spurt. Or he's just really thirsty. lol We didn't want to believe that he could possibly be type 1. So Halloween morning about an hour after he ate his breakfast, we were getting him ready for his preschool Halloween party that he was just so excited to go to. We decided to check his blood sugar levels with my glucose meter. As we were waiting for the results the meter just read "hi". We have never seen that happen. I thought that maybe my meter was broken. So, I checked my blood sugar and it read just fine. So, we checked Max's again and it just read "hi". By that time the bus was at our house to pick Max up. He was acting just fine so we let him go to school. After he left, Adam and I were researching what it meant when a meter reads "hi". Well, not good. When a meter reads "hi" that means his blood sugars are 600 or above. We were in shock. Normal blood sugars can range from 80-120. Adam has never even been above 600. We just thought it was so weird because Max was acting just fine other than the peeing and drinking a lot. We went to Adam's doc and explained our situation about Max to him. He said, "go get him right now and admit him to the ER at Primary Children's Hospital." So, here we were, on Halloween night. In stead of trick or treating. It's so sad to see your child have to go through anything like this. We were there for a little over 24 hours getting his blood sugars regulated. All the doctors and Nurses were so proud of us for catching it so early. Most kids go into DK(Diabetic Ketoacidosis) which is not fun. They have to be on an IV tap of Insulin and they have high ketones in their urine. Plus, they usually have to stay at the Hospital for at least 4 days. We caught Max in the "honey moon phase" which means that his little body is still producing islet cells. (insulin to break down the blood glucose in the blood stream) Our days now consist of checking Max's blood sugar at least 4 times a day, and giving him insulin injections at least 4 times a day as well. He is actually poking his own finger to check his blood sugar now. And, the shots, well it just depends on his mood on if he'll cooperate or not. But, we are all doing much better and are adapting pretty good to this dramatic change. It's so good that Max can see his daddy giving himself shots too. We are just so blessed that we caught it so soon and that we can manage it so well. I'm also so grateful for the medicine and technology that we have today. I'm so happy that my Husband and Son can still live a normal and healthy life.

A big thanks to everyone that let us go trick or treating at their houses when we got home from the Hospital. We had so many people tell us to come over that we didn't even have enough time to make it to every one's home. It sure made Max's night. He LOVED it. And he got so spoiled too. We are truly blessed by friends and family. :)
Max was optimus prime for Halloween. Or as he likes to call him "octopus prime"